Cybersecurity | The Main Threats To Your Company

Today cybersecurity has become a fundamental aspect for both government systems and companies. We are used to seeing news of how public systems and large companies have been violated with cyber attacks that have caused the loss of large amounts of data.

For the business sector, the importance of having your computer system protected against different types of threats guarantees not only the protection of important data and documents, but also credibility and trust with your customers. That is why cybersecurity in the company is a fundamental aspect that we have to take into account in order to live peacefully and avoid unpleasant outcomes.

What are the most common cyber threats?

Ransomware :

It is a piece of malware that aims to obtain a ransom payment for the devices and computer systems that it renders useless. Considering that “ ransom ” is an English word meaning “ ransom ”, the name says it all. Normally, this malware infects our system thanks to its introduction into one of our devices that it detects as vulnerable, probably due to the use of low-quality or outdated software.

Phishing :

With this term we refer to identity theft. This process occurs through an email from someone who pretends to be a known entity, usually banks, with the purpose of stealing personal information such as passwords and/or credit card data.

adware :

It is a malware that produces ads that are displayed on the screen. It turns out to be very annoying, since ads start to appear continuously, some are pop-up windows and others interrupt our work by redirecting us to external pages.

This phenomenon generates benefits for its developer by automatically displaying advertisements in the user interface. Once the adware hijacks your device it can cause it to do all sorts of unwanted tasks. It can steal data such as location, our browsing history, etc.

computer worm:

Worms are actually a subclass of viruses that make copies of themselves, placing them in different locations on your computer. The main purpose of this malware is to crash computers and computer networks, preventing users from working. Unlike viruses, worms do not infect files.

The importance of having a cybersecurity plan

Every company has to understand the value of the information it publishes on the network, as well as the importance of protecting said information. Having a good cybersecurity plan is important to be able to preserve our data against any type of manipulation, and to avoid the installation of spies whose objective is to steal our sensitive information.

Cybersecurity: How to protect our information?

We have at our disposal a series of recommendations that help us protect our information. Next we will analyze the most important ones.

  • Updating – It is very important to have all of our software and operating systems up to date. Updates allow us to have the latest in security and protection.
  • Passwords : it is advisable to use different passwords for each service and these must respect the minimum security standards.
  • Security plugins : There are many software that help us protect our credentials when we use our browser, such as lastpass for passwords.
  • Wifi Protection : It is important that our Wifi network has strong encryption.
  • Spam filter : we can configure the spam filter of our email provider so as not to receive malicious and/or unknown messages.
  • Remote copying : it is good practice to make a backup copy (without internet connection) of all the most important and confidential files of the companies
  • Training : One of the key aspects is the training of our employees. Staff need to be trained and informed to minimize the risks of a computer attack.

Cybersecurity with Redflexión Consultores

With Redflexión Consultores you can take advantage of the Digital Kit to protect your business with a completely free implementation cost and with your cybersecurity devices paid for for a whole year. You can request more information by filling out our form. We will be happy to help you.


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