Help Digital Kit: What is it and how to request it to digitize your SME?

Digital Kit Help: What it is and how to apply for aid for the digitization of SMEs

The Digital Kit Program is a mechanism that articulates the aid of the European Next Generation Fund of the European Union and whose objective is to promote the digitization of more than a million small and medium-sized Spanish companies (from self-employed to companies with 49 workers).

This program has a budget that will reach 3,067 million euros for the 2021-2023 period, and each company will be eligible for a bonus of up to €12,000 (depending on its size).

These bonuses will be used for the incorporation into the company of digitization solutions such as:

Creation, positioning and maintenance of a web page
New or restyling of E-commerce and registration in marketplaces
Optimization and management of social networks
Solutions and software for process management
Tools and software for customer management
Big Data and analytics solutions (intelligent dashboards, integration and data storage, etc.)
Others (cybersecurity, electronic billing, secure communications, etc.)
How can I access this Digital Kit help?

It is estimated that the term to apply for these grants will begin next February.
Once open, interested companies must follow the following steps:
1. Register at and complete the self-diagnosis test.
2. Consult the catalog of digital solutions available and choose one or more of them.
3. Request the digital kit at the electronic headquarters of ( after completing the corresponding steps of the form.

In any case, from Redflexion Consultores we can help you in the request and processing of these aids, so that we ensure the granting of the same. In addition, we are digitizing agents and we are authorized to implement all the services that your company may need and make the most of this great help.

The importance of digitalization of companies

If digital transformation is already an aspect that has been in the business debate for quite some time, the latest health crisis due to COVID-19 has accelerated this change. In this perspective, digitization can really be a great strength for all companies that want to continue leading in their own sector of interest.

It is for this reason that we must take advantage of this aid from the European Union, which aims to strengthen all companies that have not yet started or that have incomplete this digitization process.

So, if this is your case, do not hesitate to contact redflexión. We have been working with private clients and institutions for 20 years, supporting them in their digitization and internationalization process, establishing their strategic plan and generating sustainable and lasting growth.

Contact our technical team now and we will be happy to help you boost the digitization of your company.


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