Omnichannel: the 4 basic premises

What are we talking about when we talk about Omnichannel?

We could define Omnichannel as a unified and comprehensive service experience with various channels of interaction between the company and the customer. It is a hybrid experience as it links the available physical and digital channels. An Omnichannel strategy can improve the customer experience and create lasting ties around the brand.

To approach the design of an omnichannel strategy, we can establish 4 premises that define the objectives and intentions that it proposes.


1- Customer-focused approach

The client is the epicenter and from there the strategy will be built. Knowing your interests and needs before your purchase will make us an attractive and safe space to generate a sale. As a user of our channels, the client builds his own communication thread and relationship with the company.

2- Integrated experience

Customers will be able to move from one channel to another to solve a problem, contact the company or generate a purchase. All channels work in sync and take advantage of each other, that is, they do not create competition among themselves. The objective is to generate enough flexibility for clients to circulate in an articulated way through different scenarios and platforms that we propose.

3- Easy access to information

The information of our clients flows through all the channels, once you have made contact with one of the channels, this data will travel to the other channels and you will not be able to repeat the information for each channel you find. This happens thanks to the single information sheet per customer.

4- Optimize the logistics of the strategy

It will be important to ensure that our strategy can work efficiently and that consists of being clear about the responsibilities and responsibilities of each of the parties that make up the design of our strategy.

Finally, Omnichannel comes to improve the reputation of a company, restoring the customer experience, increasing loyalty and consequently, expanding the competitiveness of the business.


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