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Our history - Experts in Internationalisation

Redflexión Consultores was born more than 20 years ago in the
Region of Murcia, where he began to specialize in the
field of Strategic Internationalisation making use of
of Competitive Intelligence (yes, 20 years ago already
we applied the famous BI ;)).

Our services are oriented both to Institutions,
through the co-creation of methodologies and programs that
support and encourage the exporting nature of companies
companies, as well as private companies, to which
We help create and enhance your international presence.

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Why can we help you

We have a multidisciplinary team led by Anselmo Ríos, who is committed to innovation and the implementation of new techniques and tools that provide added value to our services.

Our services range from creating internationalization and communication plans, identifying potential clients, analyzing competitors, to developing intelligent dashboards that assist our clients in decision-making, among others. In recent years, we have developed an international marketing division and offer agency services such as website development, SEO positioning, social media management, visual identity, brand strategic positioning, and more.

In recent years, we have expanded our presence by opening new offices in different parts of Spain, including Valencia, Madrid, and Galicia. We also have a presence in Bogotá (Colombia) and Israel, allowing us to work throughout the national and international territory.

We continue to move forward and stay motivated thanks to our results, which provide us with the opportunity to keep growing alongside Spanish companies. Furthermore, we take pride in supporting the national business fabric, keeping it competitive in a demanding international market.

You can learn more about us by following our Linkedin page.


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