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In a relatively short time, the success of the Alibaba marketplace has crossed borders and has become a benchmark in the world of international online commerce.

Within the platform there are around 96 million registered importing companies from more than 190 countries. This translates into an ideal market for commercial transactions between companies.

B2B sales have skyrocketed in recent years

It is clear that the Chinese company is the quintessential B2B online sales platform , thousands of businesses around the world continue to jump on the bandwagon. In Spain, last year, the volume of business that moved in this segment multiplied by five that of B2C , and forecasts indicate that the figure will continue to grow.

In this scenario, is the B2B marketplace with the most traffic in the world, a fact that has attracted many Spanish companies to register on the platform.

The advantages of selling on the marketplace

Registering as a seller on the platform offers us many advantages, let’s analyze one by one:

  • Alibaba is present in 190 countries and has close to 26 million active buyers 
  • Visibility and ease of expansion . Thanks to the large number of consumers you can increase your sales. In addition, the multiple functions of the platform streamline the entire negotiation and purchase process between suppliers and buyers.
  • A possibility of international expansion. is a concrete opportunity to reach all markets and expand our business.
  • Alibaba’s own business model promotes the services of SMEs, but without forgetting large companies. In this way, it also allows small suppliers and/or buyers to increase their income thanks to the reputation of the same platform.
  • New payment models: the Alibaba group is always looking for new options to be able to bring out new payment models to facilitate and speed up the purchase and sale within the platform. An example is the C2B model that reduces the costs of the traditional supply chain and at the same time reduces the delivery times of the product, and, obviously, this translates into greater satisfaction for the final customer. A reality already present in several countries and that will soon also arrive in Spain.

Redflexión Consultores and MarketplaceX advise you and offer you the keys to sell on Alibaba marketplace B2B.

If you are interested or are thinking of signing up on, do not hesitate, and contact our team of experts. In addition, Redflexión Consultores and MarketplaceX are official partners of in Spain.

Enter now in MarketplaceX for more information. We are waiting.


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