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In this article we will talk about LinkedIn for companies. Although it is not among the social networks most used by users, according to the Hootsuite 2022 ranking it ranks number 5, we are undoubtedly facing a booming phenomenon.


Considering that it is a social network that began to take its first steps in 2003, in just twenty years, being able to count on more than 610 million users is, without a doubt, quite an achievement.

In addition, it has the exclusivity of being the only social network for professionals and companies. Today, being on LinkedIn, both with our personal and company profiles, is becoming essential, as it defines our professional online presence.

Why is LinkedIn so important for businesses?

This question may be superfluous for most of the professionals who work with this social network, but there are still many people and companies who doubt its usefulness or, worse still, have no presence on the platform.


Also, it should be noted that there are some professionals in the sector who are critical of its potential and benefits. Many Social Media ADS specialist consider their advertising platform expensive and low impact, and others believe that it is a (bad) copy of facebook ads.


This is a debate that has the expert community somewhat divided. If, on the one hand, it is true that advertising spending on LinkedIn is more expensive compared to other platforms such as Facebook, in reality, this is due to a higher quality of the lead, and, therefore, with more possibilities of becoming a conversion.


With respect to Facebook, it must be said that Zuckerberg’s company has been a pioneer in the creation of a very complete and intuitive ads platform for the user, as well as including many segmentation and parameterization possibilities with which to personalize our campaigns in detail. Therefore, it is normal that other platforms have tried to replicate the same model, since it allows all professionals and amateurs who want to get into LinkedIn advertising to reduce the learning curve.

Segmentation on LinkedIn ADS

In addition, the LinkedIn platform has included different totally new parameters in its segmentation and in line with its own target.

In fact, we can filter by information of: company, education, work experience and interests and traits. 


For the company we have:

– business category

– sector

– company contacts

– followers

– growth rate

–  name

– income

–  size


Regarding “education” we have the possibility to search by:

– Titles

– academic disciplines

– universities


For work experience we can filter by:

– job function

– level of responsibility

– post

– aptitudes

– years of experience


In the case of interests and traits we find:

–  member group

–  interests

– member traits


Another aspect that must be taken into account is the target of our clients. Obviously, the typical Facebook client is not the same as the one we can find on LinkedIn, therefore, all our actions will be directed towards a new buyer persona that will allow us to optimize our campaigns to the maximum.

The true added value of LinkedIn

In Spain LinkedIn currently has 13 million users between professional profiles and company profiles. This makes us understand the real impact it has both in the world of work and in the business world.

This impact transforms LinkedIn into a powerful organic positioning tool, which represents its added value compared to many other platforms.


Through our company profiles we have the possibility of undertaking unprecedented branding work, since we have never had the opportunity to access the business world in such a direct way and, at least to date, completely free of charge. .


Thanks to our official page we can publicize our philosophy, our values ​​and what really identifies us and differentiates us from other competitors. In addition, we can improve external communication thanks to the generation of quality content that interests our target audience.


In summary we can identify different aspects that we can improve and/or expand thanks to the presence on LinkedIn :


–  Organic positioning (SEO)

–  Generation of traffic to our website

–  Lead generation

–  Advertising

–  Networking


Net Working 

This last aspect is very important, since it is another characteristic that differentiates LinkedIn from other social networks.

Being part of this great community we can create links, alliances and cooperation between professionals who carry out complementary activities to our business. Undoubtedly, a very important added value that no other network can offer today.

Integral management of LinkedIn for companies with Redflexión Consultores

At Redflexión Consultores we advise you and guide you step by step in the creation of your company profile and we offer you a complete Social Media plan to define the best strategy that suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us through our form.


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